Get the highest energy rating

Save energy, save money

We help you manage your energy resources

We help you to have an energy efficient installation

Efficient technological solutions

Reduce our energy costs and the impact on the environment

Easy installation and low maintenance

Aerothermal, harnesses the energy of air

With geothermal energy we can reduce spending up to 75%

Ecological, economic and local energy

Biomass, an environmentally friendly fuel

Biomass boilers are an easy and environmentally friendly solution

The most economical and cost effective renewable energy

Thermal solar energy

Maintenance costs very low

From the sun, inexhaustible source of energy

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Great versatility, photovoltaic systems can be of any size so they can be installed almost anywhere

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Welcome to Intex Solar. Experts in Energy Efficiency.

We are specialists in performing thermal installations using renewable energy, such as geothermal, biomass, solar or aerotermia. Energy efficiency is our goal so we also work with gas installations and micro condensation. We adapt our solutions to all types of projects being experts in the installation of individual and community heating, pellets, underfloor heating, boiler rooms, solar heating systems and heat pumps.Instalaciones Técnicas Extremeñas SL


Renewable energy installations

Geothermal energy


Photovoltaic solar energy

Thermal solar energy

The best team is the best suits that each user.

In addition to the search for comfort of our customers, we focus on the social, energy and corporate responsibility. We promote trust, ethics and absolute commitment to the quality of our value proposition in all our areas of activity.

Instalaciones Técnicas Extremeñas, S.L.

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Instalaciones Técnicas Extremeñas S.L.


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