Daikin ECH2O

Within the news more interesting for the year 2017 presented by Daikin is the pump of heat for production of water hot health ECH2O composed by a unit outside Altherma and a unit inside Rotex constituted by an accumulator of 300 litres or 500 litres.

Besides them benefits of the combination of the system Altherma of Daikin with the accumulator of Rotex with which is obtained some results of efficiency and benefits hard to match, come provided of the system SG Ready that you allows the connection to networks smart and photovoltaic systems.

Order of November 29, 2016 of the Junta de Extremadura, where approved the call of aid for the year 2017 for performances in renewable energy considers both helplines, aerotermia and PV.

From IntexSolar bet by the integration of both technologies to use commercial as gyms, nurseries, pools heated by its radical reduction both in them costs of operation as in them of maintenance, getting savings superior to the 70% respect to them conventional technologies.

The best team is the best suits that each user.

In addition to the search for comfort of our customers, we focus on the social, energy and corporate responsibility. We promote trust, ethics and absolute commitment to the quality of our value proposition in all our areas of activity.

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