Without wanting to go over valuation or appreciation of the movements that the "free market" is doing and which is something inherent to the "transparent" system defended by the current minister, it can not be forgotten that what conceals is that the system is opaque premeditatedly and that this minister will do nothing to alleviate our energy dependence. That we will continue to pay 70% of the amount of the tax receipt and that the other 30% will fix it with the electricity.

What also hide us is that with a decree of self-consumption that is harmonized with the European legislation of our surroundings, the economic saving could be more than 30%, besides giving a definitive impulse to the use of renewable energies, its well-known environmental advantages and power to obtain a stabilization of the energy costs of the families that assume an increasing load in their chastened economies.

Only as information for those who have an interest in furthering the legislation in this respect and how the electric bill is formed, we relate the current legislation of reference.

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Tariff regulation:

Tariff regulation:

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